New brand and website for Gentium International

We’ve really enjoyed working with Gareth Jarman over the last few weeks to launch a new website for Gentium International.

Gareth is an all round lovely guy, who brings strong values around ethical behaviour, diversity and sustainability to his international HR consultancy.

We really enjoyed talking to him about those values, his different approach and about how we could help make sure that they shone through in his branding and on his website.

Gareth had already put a lot of thought and work into the content that he thought might appear on his site, so our job was to re-shape and edit, as well as refine the structure and navigation. We also talked to him about the type of imagery he wanted to use, providing guidance along the way.

Then we built him a nice, simple, easy to navigate site using Squarespace (which is fast becoming our favourite tool for building websites).
Take a look and see what you think…

Is your website mobile-friendly?

Why is it important?

Most people are using the internet on their smartphones these days. In fact in most countries, more people use phones to go online than they do PCs or laptops. Phones are cheaper and more accessible, and we’re all on them far too much!

People get easily frustrated. We all expect things to work easily online. If it’s not easy to view your site without zooming in and out or waiting for an annoying menu to load, a web visitor is likely to give up and go elsewhere.

Another reason why it’s important is that Google now ranks sites in line with how mobile-friendly they are and this will affect where you appear in its search results.

So if you haven’t thought about how your website looks and works when viewed on a mobile, you should.

How can I test it?

  1. Use your phone: Well the easiest way is to view your site on a mobile phone.
  2. Use your browser: You can also get a sense of how responsive your site is by resizing your browser (drag in from a corner to make your browser the shape of a mobile and see what happens to your site). If the site resizes and the content is readable, then that’s a good start. But if the site gets cut off on one side, or the content becomes jumbled, that’s not so good.
  3. Online tools: There are also lots of useful tools online, the best being Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. Just follow the link and enter your site’s URL to see how it performs. This image shows the result we got for our site…
  4. Google webmaster: And for a more detailed usability test why not take advantage of Google’s webmaster tools (there’s a bit more set up involved in this though).

Do you need help?

Sometimes things can be fixed quite easily. Other times there are signs that your website is out of date. Kindlemix provides beautiful and affordable websites that are fully mobile-responsive. Take a look at some examples on our sister site or feel free to call and speak to Anne for a no obligation chat about how we can help make your site more mobile-friendly.

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Together we can make sparks fly

Announcing our range of affordable, mobile-ready websites for small businesses… with added sparkle.

Kindlemix Communications has recently launched a new sister site, Spark Sites, promoting our range of web packages aimed at small businesses and start ups. This is in addition to the online work we already do through Kindlemix, where we work with a range of bigger clients across the UK.

New customers who book a Spark Sites web package before Christmas 2016 can benefit from a massive 25% discount.

Spark Site’s ethos is simple: we want to help small businesses flourish by providing affordable, mobile-ready websites that are beautifully designed, with sparkling copy.

We build sites in Squarespace and WordPress (using professionally designed templates and themes) and use our wealth of experience and knowledge to help refine and develop your content.

Spark Sites is the brainchild of Kindlemix’s Creative Director, Anne Tregoning. ‘I just really wanted to develop a simple offering that was affordable for small businesses, but meant they would still be able to benefit from our knowledge and expertise,’ she says. ‘Using Squarespace templates as a starting point saves a lot of time meaning we can put together sites quickly for businesses and add value in the copy, imagery and SEO.’

Spark Sites has already produced new sites for local businesses in mid-Wales, including Brecon Milk, Data Orchard and the Hours Cafe and Bookshop. Watch out for several more currently in the pipeline.

Visit to find out more about the web packages and see examples of sites we’ve done so far.

Showcasing our latest website design, Brownscombe Luxury Glamping, as seen in The Times, Guardian and more…

Take a look at our latest website design, Brownscombe Luxury Glamping. We think it really showcases what luxury holiday accommodation is all about, and The Times, Guardian and Manor Magazine seem to agree (to name a few). So far, since it opened in April 2015, Brownscombe Luxury Glamping has been chosen by Ideal Home magazine as one of five ‘extraordinary places to sleep this Summer’ and has been picked by The Times as one of to-stay-in-britain/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Britain’s ‘Top 20 best wild places to stay’.

Visit the Brownscombe news page to see more of the fantastic reviews and write-ups Brownscombe has had since the website launched and take a look at the rest of the site to see what makes our work stand out from
the crowd.

If you’d like a new website or simply want to update an existing site to have a chat. Also, why not have a look at some of the other work we’ve done for small businesses and start ups like Brownscombe Luxury Glamping.