New brand and website for Gentium International

We’ve really enjoyed working with Gareth Jarman over the last few weeks to launch a new website for Gentium International.

Gareth is an all round lovely guy, who brings strong values around ethical behaviour, diversity and sustainability to his international HR consultancy.

We really enjoyed talking to him about those values, his different approach and about how we could help make sure that they shone through in his branding and on his website.

Gareth had already put a lot of thought and work into the content that he thought might appear on his site, so our job was to re-shape and edit, as well as refine the structure and navigation. We also talked to him about the type of imagery he wanted to use, providing guidance along the way.

Then we built him a nice, simple, easy to navigate site using Squarespace (which is fast becoming our favourite tool for building websites).
Take a look and see what you think…